Extra Instructions

Thanks so much for trying the Stellarscope interactive music video game.

The game was created through a stream-of-conscious collage of 3D objects and imagery.  If you find it difficult to navigate through the environment, our suggestion is to roam freely, sometimes through entire objects - as if they are transparent - to reach the higher and higher levels.  You’ll know you’ve reached the end when you arrive at the space church.

The controls are W (forward) S (backwards) A (jog left) D (jog right) SPACE (jump) and Mouse/Trackpad (look around) - it’s easiest to navigate if you use all of the controls simultaneously.

Feel free to jam with the song as well.  If you can make it up to the celestial tree disc, you’ll find that a synthesizer emanates out of the tree, which is congruent with the sounds of Stellarscope.  Another drone occurs when you walk closer to the final object in the middle of the space church.

If you find that it is running slowly on the web player, try downloading the game, to receive the standalone application for MAC.  Click here for the PC version.  You can select the quality which corresponds best with your computer, as well as adjust the size of the game window, affecting the performance of the game.

If you can’t figure out how to get to the end, watch the walkthrough video.

If the Unity Player won’t load, try it on Safari.  It should work on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  If you’re still having troubles, download the Unity Player here or download the standalone video game file.

Enjoy! :)

Email questions to manage@lionelwilliams.com